Why it is the Stanford Cardinal and Not the Stanford Cardinals?

Every single and each and every football period there is some thing that drives me nuts. Severely this genuinely bothers me.

When Notre Dame plays Stanford I have to hear the announcers tell me that the Stanford Cardinal manufactured their way up the discipline. There are eleven gamers on any offensive unit, not just one particular participant. Cardinal is singular. Cardinals is plural. Would Cardinals not make much more perception when describing a unit of 11 people producing their way up the field?

I just do not get it. It practically drives me batty just about every time I hear it. Was it the total crew that produced their way up the area or just a person of them? And if so, which a single?

Thankfully wikipedia.org provides me a minimal insight into why this is. It still does not make perception to me but I will enable you determine.

In 1892 immediately after a major gain more than Cal, Stanford adopted the shade of cardinal as their principal colour. Up right up until 1972, they had been regarded as the Indians. At that time a group of Indian students took up a petition to alter their identify since the present-day a person was offensive to them.

The University listened and from 1972 till 1981 their official name was the Cardinals.

The title apparently was by no means a reference to the chicken just the coloration.

In 1981, the then Stanford existing who was wondering way way too tough on the subject matter, declared that they would be thereafter referred to as the Stanford Cardinal in singular variety.

Why is this necessary? I assume if I have been a sportscaster assigned to cover 1 of their online games I would have to choose a stand. I would permit the powers of be know that it will be my intention that when I reference 1 particular person on the staff I will, in truth, refer to him as a Cardinal but when I refer to a team of gamers I will refer to them as the Cardinals. Simply just undertaking or else is just silly and I naturally do not have time for a great deal silliness.

Each and every adult ought to adhere to their have personalized belief process or their everyday living will be without honor.

Unfortunately this research led me to a further enormous issue with Stanford’s team name and mascot.

They do not have a mascot. Why not?

At times their emblem will have a tree in the center of it. Other occasions it is just a significant “S”. The Stanford Tree is in fact a member of the band who is dressed up as, nicely, what else, a tree. This tree is in fact primarily based on one distinct tree which has a title, El Palo Alto, which is a redwood tree in Palo Alto.

Even though quite a few persons look at the “tree” their mascot it is not formally their mascot.

Stanford is a very remarkably revered school and you have to be good to attend. You would consider that a team of really smart persons would not have so many issues with naming their sporting activities group or selecting a mascot.

Probably now you will think otherwise.

I am pondering that applying a tree would be really a very good detail if you have an exceptionally tricky defense and you want to stress their immovability.

It does not perform fairly so very well on the offensive aspect of factors. Indicating that functioning back was as quick as a tree, or that a extensive receiver zipped across the area like a tree, just does not seem proper.