Transmission Flush Myths – Busted!

Everyone who is even remotely included with vehicles has heard this type of tale – a person that they know acquired a transmission flush and their transmission failed in months or even days.

The urban legend behind this is that the “sludge” is all that was keeping the transmission collectively and at the time it was removed with a flush, the transmission experienced no probability of surviving.

The story goes like this:

Jim was getting a transmission trouble, let us say that it was sluggish in the morning and would slip on take-off from a prevent from time to time when it was very hot out.

Now Jim has a brother-in-law named Bob that utilised to operate on autos, do his own tune ups and oil changes, and so on. When Jim talked about the trouble that he was acquiring to Bob, his immediate reaction was, “You need to get that tranny flushed.”

Of system Jim not definitely realizing anything at all about a car, much considerably less an computerized transmission blindly follows the tips of his brother-in-regulation. After all Bob surely is aware all about cars even however he hasn’t worked on just one for over twenty yrs.

Jim obediently usually takes his motor vehicle to the neighborhood lube position for a flush and an motor oil adjust when it truly is there. Jim will get his transmission flush, pays and goes on his way.

At first, he notices possibly a slight advancement in efficiency but his transmission is continue to exhibiting most of the unique indicators.

About two weeks afterwards Jim is driving to perform and he stops to shell out a toll. When he tries to pull absent from the toll booth the unthinkable transpires- the motor vehicle just revs and goes nowhere, as if it is in neutral. Jim moves the shifter into low and is equipped to limp his auto off to the facet of the street and wait around for a tow truck to take him to a transmission shop.

What transpired?

Here is a list of causes why the transmission flush fantasy exists:

  • The myth is propagated by individuals who assert to be experts. I have even listened to of transmission mend outlets who add to the fantasy in the hopes of scaring potential clients into owning their transmission overhauled somewhat than keeping it.
  • There are thousands of “web authorities” who promote the misinformation- it can be truly a scenario of “monkey see, monkey do” on steroids!
  • There could have been a time in the early times of computerized transmissions when failure immediately after a flush was extra prevalent, most likely simply because of antiquated friction product and transmission fluid technology through the 1950’s and 60’s but this was ahead of my time so I’m not ready to really examine the legitimacy of the chance. I can, having said that, say with certainty that it is not an situation with 99.9{4794e2a5af98421425d757e3e406e9ebc22e0d7579733cf825e9c79e4a650b20} of the motor vehicles in assistance today. If your owner’s manual is in the glove box and not painted on the wall of a cave, you are in all probability good to go.
  • “Sludge” is all that was keeping the transmission with each other and when it receives cleaned out the trans in likely to are unsuccessful quickly. Guess what? If you have sludge in your transmission, it truly is presently terrible and in need to have of a repair.
  • As soon as in a while a flush is carried out, normally at a rapid lube procedure, and the transmission is not refilled appropriately- resulting in failure soon thereafter. Of program the incorrect fluid degree is not regarded as the culprit- the transmission flush is! Lots of automated transmissions have reasonably difficult fluid degree examining and filling strategies that are greatest left to a transmission fix pro to complete.
  • Persons have unrealistic expectations. A transmission flush is no more probably to correct a failing transmission than an engine oil adjust is to correct a key inner motor difficulty. Both equally of these things are fantastic to do regularly but they are servicing- not a resolve for a problem.
  • The truth is that most individuals do not think about their transmissions till the day that they have a issue. Jim’s transmission was on borrowed time- it was heading to are unsuccessful anyway but now that it has, he is going to perpetuate the myth. If he ever hears a person point out a transmission flush, he’s going to proclaim, “I had that finished and my transmission blew up in a thirty day period!”

I have been in the transmission repair service industry considering the fact that 1987 and can truthfully say that I are not able to remember a single time in which I observed a healthful transmission get a flush or a fluid transform and subsequently have a trouble. A transmission flush is the very best upkeep that a single can do to prolong the lifestyle of your computerized transmission, you should not overlook out on the advantages due to the fact of the nonsense that exists surrounding changing your transmission fluid!