Is “Gap, On, Down (GOD)” Blocking Far better Than “Intense Angle Blocking (SAB)” for Youth Football?

This matter garners a whole lot of consideration on football coaching forums and web-sites connected to football drills. There is a large amount of debate about which technique of blocking is preferable for youth boys enjoying football. I have my feeling.

Each devices comprise simple “tenets” or “procedures” to be followed to make certain the Effectiveness of the technique. So either program can be used. The concern turns into 1 of implementation – observe time with the methods necessary, coaching choice, what the kids that you have on your group can do. Let us go over these concerns.

Apply Time & Required Tactics

GOD – Hole, On, Down

This program is a lot more focused on “what you do to who at a certain location” not details on “approach”. This is a significant variance when looking at exercise time. In the GOD system an offensive lineman is virtually asking himself, “what is the placement of the defensive lineman or linebacker so I know the place/who to go block?”. So you could be inquiring what is Gap, On, Down? I will reveal.

Inside Gap Defender

We initially inquire our offensive lineman to Initially see if he has a defender aligned in the “inside of gap”, within just 1 garden of the line of scrimmage, to his location on the offensive line. If he does, he will have to block him just after the snap – of system emphasizing speedy very first two ways and obtaining very low. If he does not have a defender aligned in the “inside gap”, he only moves on to the Next blocking rule.

On Defender

If no defender aligns in the “within gap”, then he moves on to his 2nd rule – Is the defender aligned “on/in excess of” me, within just 1 property of the line of scrimmage? If he is, then the offensive lineman will have to block him after the snap. If he does not have a defender aligned “on/over” him, he merely moves on to the Third blocking rule.

Down the Line Inside Defender

If no defender aligns on/about him, then he moves on to his Third rule – I ought to search for the defender located inside of down the line – either on/about my offensive neighbor OR in a hole Within my offensive neighbor. I Assistance my neighbor to block him! This is a double staff block Constantly!

What We Never ever Have As a Rule

We hardly ever have our offensive linemen searching to block a defender aligned outside the house their human body. In other words and phrases, we Never check with our offensive linemen to “achieve” block. This is a really tricky block to execute. We have our backs in the backfield handle these extra “athletic” blocks. At most, a pulling guard may perhaps be questioned to execute a “attain” or “kick-out” block, but under no circumstances any other offensive lineman. This is for the reason that we know our pulling guard is ready to execute this block.

Also, we hardly ever have our offensive linemen likely to the “second amount” to block linebackers – apart from our pulling guard. Linebackers are far more athletic and linemen have a challenging time trying to get to “moving” linebackers that are typically located 3 yards guiding the line of scrimmage.

Blitzing Linebackers & The “Down” Double Workforce Block

I ought to make clear that defensive teams do blitz – oh, shocker! So how would you tackle this with the GOD blocking scheme wherever a linebacker could “penetrate” your offensive line on a blitz? Listed here is what we instruct. If an offensive lineman is merely executing a “1-on-a single” Hole or ON block, they would Hardly ever arrive off that block to “get” the blitzing linebacker this would permit their defensive lineman go cost-free – not fantastic! So they only circumstance the place we “get” a blitzing linebacker is on a “down-double group” block. Which a single “receives” the linebacker? Generally the inside lineman of the double workforce & ONLY if the linebacker blitzes to the Within of this double group block if he blitzes to the outside – seeking to combat around our offensive line wall – we will have 1 of our backs, by enjoy style and design, block him in the alley/funnel! Definitely, you will have to work on this recognition with your offensive linemen that execute double team blocks so they know that ONLY the “inside blocker” releases to block a blitzing linebacker when he tries to blitz to the inside gap. Once again, this is all about apply, practice, follow!

Summary of GOD

Now you could be wondering, “how is my offensive line heading to truly know who to block?” in a serious defensive entrance circumstance. Perfectly, like anything else in football you have to exercise matters above & in excess of. Particularly, the most effective tactic is demonstrating your offensive line the most widespread and probably defensive fronts they will see in games – like probably linebacker blitzes. Established these up in exercise for them chat about the front, inquire them who they would block for each and every entrance, have them wander to every particular person they would block, then operate as a result of it at fifty percent velocity, then at entire speed. Do this for every single defensive front they would probably see. Make positive they definitely get it! Of system you will be checking for appropriate blocking fundamentals way too – explosion off the cadence/snap, speedy feet, proper pulling of the guard, and remaining low. The GOD rules genuinely are simple and the distinct “engage in tags/line calls” choose only 1 week to install – no subject what offensive procedure you selected to run.