Clone Golf Golf equipment – Are They Fantastic Adequate? A Genuine Entire world Remedy

You have noticed the adverts. You’ve observed the remarkable selling prices. And you have unquestionably puzzled, “Are they as superior as the brand name names?” We’re speaking about golfing club clones, of program, in essence imitations of brand name name machines that you can purchase from many sources for filth affordable. Perfectly, affordable as far as manufacturer new golfing tools go.

But are they as fantastic?

Bottom Line

For all those of you in a rush (who isn’t?), here are my conclusions:

Irons. I market heaps of used golfing equipment on eBay. And you can wager I try and perform just about everything of curiosity that passes by means of my workplace. So, the prudent concern would be: What would another person like me – who has entry to and rather much can place anything I want into enjoy – have in my golf bag? Answer: The identical established of economical graphite-shafted clone irons I picked up from Pinemeadow Golf a few many years back. I child you not.

Motorists & Fairway Woods. While no for a longer time in my bag, my total experience with the graphite-shafted driver I picked up from Pinemeadow is ok functionality and experience ended up the two satisfactory. The corresponding fairway woods (3-Wooden and 5-Wooden), both of those also with graphite shafts, performed just as well, but I individually failed to like the way they felt. This is likely based mostly predominantly on seem – I desire the unique metallic audio and ensuing experience developed by the Callaway Steelheads and Orlimar Trimetals that you are going to generally uncover in my bag, a sound that I guess I now anticipate to hear each individual time I swing a wooden – and the Pinemeadows failed to have the sound I preferred.

But to be honest, not a lot of do. Once more, they done as predicted. In point, I as soon as placed 3rd in a match armed with nothing at all more than these Pinemeadow fairways as my woods! Stupid me, I forgot my driver at house and ended up making use of the 3-Wooden as my driver. Now that I assume about it, that was in all probability a blessing, in fact, thinking about how inconsistently wild I can get with the driver (my fault, not the club’s). The stage is, the fairway woods did their job, and continue to can – I’ve kept the pair all over as backup or loaner golf equipment.

I imagine it really is vital to notice that these remarks are based on “more mature” item. The newest woods releases from Pinemeadow and other individuals could extremely very well be improved than what I have knowledgeable – the latest overwhelmingly favourable customer responses and responses on their web-site seem to be to reveal that – but I just haven’t personally seasoned them firsthand.

Hybrids. I can’t comment substantially about clone hybrids possibly – or even brand name title ones for that issue. I just have not employed them nevertheless. My bag’s outfitted with a 7-Wooden in put of the a lot more common 3-Iron, and this configuration has served me rather very well, sufficient at the very least to aid me not bother with hybrids just nonetheless. In all likelihood I’ll be leaping on the hybrids bandwagon shortly enough. Until then, I can only say that good quality-smart, there is certainly no purpose to imagine that clone hybrids would not be on par at the quite minimum with clone manufacturers’ woods choices.

Wedges. Clone wedges are not in my bag (I have Titleist Vokeys I been given as gifts), but I have utilised them, the classic Cleveland-styled models in individual. The clones are quite great golf equipment and unbelievable values I have certainly no reservations recommending them as well worth attempting out.

Putters. I like to usually switch and rotate my funds sticks all over – some days, for illustration, I inexplicably putt far better with a 343 shaft rather of a 333, and vice-versa or some days a mallet just feels improved than a regular blade and so on – and clone club businesses like Pinemeadow Golf allow me to assemble very an arsenal of putters to permit me do that. I wouldn’t otherwise be able to find the money for these kinds of a “quiver of putters” (as my buddies simply call it) with the rates the brand names are asking for currently. Of course, you naturally never have to assemble this variety of putter selection the issue is, the clone putters are very good and low-cost and definitely well worth your while to test.

Read on and understand a ton much more about what I knowledgeable precisely, particularly in the area of noticing the importance of picking out the suitable business to order clones from due to the fact, quite frankly boys and ladies, sh*t occurs often.

Where it All CommencedI am actually likely back to the extremely commencing, when I picked up the recreation just a couple of short many years back. As a starter, I needed to understand whilst applying a far better established than the usual department store range. But guy, paying the huge bucks for these Callaways, Pings, or Titleists I fancied just did not make a heck of a ton of feeling then, not when it nevertheless was not obvious irrespective of whether I was likely to adhere with the video game or not.

So, right after carrying out a bit of analysis and clicking about on-line, I went with a established of Acer Sole undercut irons from Pinemeadow Golfing. Why? Looks. They seemed similar to the first and pretty pricey Callaway Hawkeyes. And – and this is essential, to me in any case – the Acers themselves seemed spiffy, presentable, and respectable, some thing that I would not be ashamed to be noticed working with, compared with quite a few of the hokey clubs with the cheesy cosmetics I see available by other clone builders. (To this day, Pinemeadow’s selection is up there amongst the very best in the industry in the appears to be department.)

When I was at it, I also picked up the 3-club set of Acer XDS 2+ Stainless Woods (Callaway Hawkeye VFT clones), which incorporated a 10ยบ driver, 3-Wooden and 5-Wood, and the Pure Roll Series M-1 putter (a Hardly ever Compromise mallet clone). Conventional Pinemeadow Aldila graphite shafts (metal for the putter) and grips for the good deal. I was a newbie, try to remember, and understood next to very little about every little thing, so I figured, perform it basic, protected, and low-cost. If I finished up not liking the activity, at the very least I would not be out all that much.

Very same Good quality? Challenges?

Unnecessary to say, I’m now hooked on the match, and I am doing what I can to attempt and bring that handicap down to as low a number as I can muster. I have also gotten involved in a number of golfing-associated company things to do, like offering golfing gear on eBay.

Which usually means at minimum two issues: I now not only know more than enough about the game to be capable to competently decide my clone golf equipment functionality-clever, I also get to consistently perform and examination out a ton of high priced brand title tools so that I can really do decent and truthful comparisons.

The truth that my Pinemeadow irons are nevertheless in my golfing bag as I compose this ought to notify you a ton. It truly is not that I will not like actively playing with brand name title irons – I do. In fact, I very own a established of Clevelands and a set of TaylorMades for no other purpose than that I like actively playing with them often (I really don’t like all Clevelands and TaylorMades, thoughts you, just the distinct designs I have held).

Matter is, I really don’t perform any superior or worse with the Clevelands and TaylorMades than I do with the Pinemeadows. Same matter goes with Callaways, Titleists, Hogans, Mizunos, or any other model title equipment out there. My video game rather much performs out the way it ought to at my stage irrespective of what established of golf equipment I use.

Noticeable conclusion: It is me, not the clubs.

So, considering that I am content with the way the clones glance, sense, and conduct, why in the environment would I want to bother with model identify clubs that expense up to 8X as significantly (or even extra!) but you should not provide me any further game added benefits over the clones?

Even if we could say that you will find a slight incremental edge or advantage to utilizing a model name set over the clones, we would then have to talk to: Would it be value the additional price? Yeah, I like retaining an eye on the very good previous expense:gain ratio, and based only on what I have expert, for players at my degree (mid-handicapper) or better, these incremental advantages do not exist.

How about for far better gamers? Do lower handicappers and scratch players know any gains to taking part in with the manufacturers as opposed to inexpensive clone gear? I am not great sufficient to know. But judging from the feedback posted on Pinemeadow’s web page, it appears like much more than just a number of very low handicappers/scratch players have “found” the positive aspects of likely clone.

Do be aware, nonetheless, that I have also professional a handful of challenges with the stuff I got from Pinemeadow:

Not lengthy just after I acquired my irons and woods, a couple of plastic ferrules popped free. Practically nothing significant, effortlessly fixed by pinprick drops of superglue. But…

Inside only a several months, the plastic ferrule on my 5-Iron not only popped loose, but broke off entirely. The factor just split open. Then, within just a couple of extra times, so did the ferrules on the 3- and 7-Irons (again then, I tended to perform the odd figures far more usually).

Whilst I possibly could have set them back on with extra superglue, I figured that this was now in the realm of the bizarre, and I was not much too delighted about it. So I emailed Pinemeadow quickly. They immediately experienced me ship the complete large amount again at their price, even the clubs with the ferrules nevertheless intact. They reported they’d deal with the golf equipment, which they did. I consider, having said that, that they at some point delivered again manufacturer new replacement golf equipment as an alternative of going by way of the time and trouble of disassembling and reassembling each individual of my authentic clubs just to resolve some ferrules. These clubs I bought back confident seemed new, shrink wrapped heads and all. I won’t be able to obviously say that this is what they do in each individual scenario I am just relating exactly what sort of “service” I bought.

That was a couple or so several years ago. The set has been difficulties-free considering that.

Immediately after a spherical about a calendar year right after buy, I recognized something new on the Acer XDS 2+ driver head: a very distinctive dimple about a quarter of an inch or so in diameter on the toe. Must’ve took place on the 3rd, I thought, when I skied a push. It evidently did not influence the club’s general performance the rest of the round considering the fact that it went unnoticed. My fault and not a Pinemeadow top quality issue, I concluded.

But I did point out it in an e mail to Pinemeadow. I desired to know no matter if this was common. I was instructed two items: (a) this was unusual, and (b) I nonetheless had some time remaining less than my first 1 yr warranty, a profit that experienced fully slipped my head – only two days still left, in simple fact – so I could deliver the club back to be changed! Yet again, this substitute was created without having it costing me a penny out-of-pocket, transport and all! Now that was a nice surprise.

That I like Pinemeadow Golf’s services and assist is an understatement. But I hated their common grips they felt affordable to me, and the fact that they wore out and desired replacement pretty rapidly – darned if I obtained a complete season of extremely informal participate in out of these grips – bolstered that conclusion.

I wasn’t by yourself with this grip observation. You made use of to be in a position to obtain tons of detrimental buyer suggestions on Pinemeadow’s website about these grips. I do not see the problems any more, and I hope that’s because Pinemeadow’s started working with substantially improved typical grips.

Even then, I say splurge a minor and have Pinemeadow put in 1 of the better brand name identify grip upgrade alternatives they give. The gains far outweigh the negligible expenditure of heading this route.


It must be plainly clear that I remarkably endorse Pinemeadow Golf. Superb products and solutions and price ranges, and even superior, completely outstanding assistance.

Yet another put to check out is GigaGolf. I will not individual a established from them, but have played with a friend’s and was equally impressed with the quality of their operate and very low costs… no hesitation at all in recommending them to you to try out.