Clone Golf Clubs, Customer Beware!

They say that the sincerest variety of flattery is to be imitated. Whilst that may perhaps be accurate in other industries,
branded golf products brands are rarely smitten with the strategy that their models, names, and colors are there to be copied. Golf club manufacturing, being a finite market, barely has the luxury to enable for duplicate-cats to roam free. Sad to say, for firms these types of as Callaway and people that might not realize the nuances in club design and manufacture, there are hundreds of knock-
offs and counterfeits in the marketplace nowadays.


Clones, also known as knock-offs, are extremely straightforward to establish, as they are commonly manufactured of a comparable layout and shade as the serious offer but with distinctions that allow for them to fly beneath the patent infringement radar. The resellers of these golfing golf equipment will commonly let you know what club they are hoping to emulate. They might have a absolutely distinctive title and may well activity specified structure and beauty differences.

You should not be fooled having said that, these golf equipment are everything but identical to the golf equipment they are attempting to copy. In get to lower prices, cloned golfing machines will be built of significantly less high-priced components for example, they will use alloys as a substitute of pure metal or titanium. Also, the development of the golf equipment will be unique with a lesser diploma of tolerance. Cloned golf equipment may possibly be heavier (or lighter), shafts may well be stiffer (or
softer) and swing weights will not be regular from just one club to the next.

Prime-tier suppliers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development tying to best their golf golf equipment. These costs are clearly passed on the buyer, therefore justifying the price ranges. On the other hand, cloned clubs, which can be up to 75{4794e2a5af98421425d757e3e406e9ebc22e0d7579733cf825e9c79e4a650b20} much less expensive than their actual counterparts, are unable to claim to have outstanding technological know-how backing them up. They develop a affordable and inferior products and the
consumer finishes up paying the cost on the system.

Knock-off resellers will advocate that you purchase these clubs, primarily if you are new to the video game. Why devote hundreds or even hundreds of pounds on Callaway, Taylor Created or Titleist, when you can have the same or very similar club in a clone? As a newbie, you are informed, you will not likely be able to know or come to feel the variance.

Our guidance is to steer clear of these clubs as they will not permit you to make improvements to your recreation around time. You may perhaps learn how to learn the swing, tempo, and abide by-by means of and strike the ball in the sweet place each time. Nonetheless, if you use inferior goods, you will most undoubtedly be at a drawback on the program as the knock-offs you have obtained are not correct with each and every swing.

If you are new to the sport, purchase a used established of golf equipment built by a single of the branded producers this kind of as callaway golfing preowned. As these clubs are infinitely more specific and precise in their output, they will let you to work on your swing without the need of obtaining to fret about the overall performance of the clubs. They also seem wonderful … ping!!! In addition, you must be capable to get a wonderful deal on utilised sets, some of which might search brand new. Recall, you get what you fork out for. Wouldn’t you fairly have a set of Callaway’s or Taylor Manufactured?


Some clone manufacturers do not even go to the problems of producing enough alterations to the styles of the genuine golf equipment and cross around the patent infringement line. An illegal knockoff and/or counterfeit are merchandise that violate the legal trademarks, patents or copyrights of an additional organization. You could recognize some of these names King Snake, Tommy Mann Bummer, The Big Burser. It is fairly noticeable who they have been seeking to duplicate. Sometimes, counterfeiters will use the very same names as the branded golf equipment and check out to go them off as the serious offer.

Branded club suppliers invest many hrs and tens of millions of pounds trying to quit these businesses from creating and promoting their product. As is the case with R+D quantities, unfortunately these fees are also passed on to the purchaser. Most unlawful knockoffs are produced in Asia and sold to wholesalers in the US, Europe and other crucial markets.

Sometimes it is incredibly easy to place a counterfeit club, other occasions it is very hard. Normally speaking, keep away from golf equipment that are not serialized. Most best-finish manufacturers are putting serial figures and other pinpointing marks on their golf equipment. If it is not serialized, possibilities are that the club is a faux or a cheap imitation.

The the vast majority of more mature styles will not have serial figures. Which is when you need to commence to glance for beauty blemishes this kind of as erratically applied paint, lettering not centered, epoxy (glue) showing in a single or much more parts, misspelled names, and just about anything else that won’t glimpse ordinary. Use your ideal intuition … if it does not search right, it probably is not.

Am I buying from an approved branded club retailer? If the solution is “no,” your possibilities of getting counterfeits enhance greatly. Your ideal defense in opposition to counterfeits is to buy only from an authorized golf club

Is the price tag for the “brand new, top of the line” golf equipment far too excellent to be real? If the offer seems to be as well great to be accurate, it probably is and you need to be incredibly cautious. Last but not least, the previous test you really should accomplish is two-pronged. Some unscrupulous suppliers will have the two real and clone clubs for sale. If these are offered, seize the to start with in a single hand (holding the grip) and the second in the other hand (also
grip). Which feels superior to you? Shake them marginally …Does 1 make a rattling audio? Do they both of those sway evenly back again and forth? You really should be equipped to explain to a difference proper absent. The branded model ought to experience much better, additional balanced, and certainly greater searching.

The 2nd exam you should really perform, if the retailer lets you, is to just take a pair of pictures alternating in between both of those golf equipment. Does just one audio greater than the other? Does a single truly feel improved than the other? Even if you are not an skilled golfer, you must be able to tell the variance concerning both of those clubs.

The previous word of caution is this: if the club you might be purchasing isn’t going to have a guarantee, leave it aside and invest in just one that does. The branded providers stand powering the product or service that they make. They worth their consumers and honor warranty statements. There is normally a distant likelihood that your club will snap, dent, chip or crack. Do the clone manufacturers have an 800 quantity for buyer provider? Just before
you expend $1000 or even $100, test out who tends to make the clubs and what their plan is for warranties.

Copyright 2007 David Lester